Our Ethos

The purpose of the “The Social Stock Market” is to provide users with an interface to interact with the web, indexing all data and taking a subjective view offered and assigning a value to it.

This value can be assigned generally or to a higher degree from the user’s defined preferences.

We will take the vast amount of data from the web and social media and present it to users in a unique and manageable format. The users will be able to interact with the data in a totally unique and new way.

This can be applied to all aspects of their social life, financial affairs and interests, it will be a “what is hot”, the next big thing.

Consumers use the web to for information and to help them make decisions on consumption, but they have limited time and the array of data continues to grow. We aim try to reduce the time users have to spend searching and consuming information.

We hope that you want to share in our passion for what we are doing and you can help us achieve our goals and ideals by interacting with us and sharing on social media.